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SE-2PTD featured in Tube & Pipe Technology's November Issue

Nov. 06, 2013

SE-2PTD Programmable Saddle and Elbow Cutter

Bug-O Systems is an expert in motion control and automating cutting and welding. It offers a large product range including an entire line of circle burner and circle welders and pipe cutting and profiling machines.

The SE-2PTD is a programmable saddle and elbow cutter by way of its pendant, capable of passing 2" to 4 3/4" (50 mm to 120 mm) through the center of the machine. The machine can also cut pipe larger than 4 3/4" by chucking on the face of the unit; maximum capacity is 16". When the machine is in pipe mode the operator has the ability to make the following preprogrammed cuts by entering only the pipe size data required. The cuts are saddles, offset saddle, laterals, mitres and holes. A second mode can be selected to cut customized shapes in pipe. Also available are two programs that interface the saddle and elbow cutter to your PC. Rotation speeds range from 0.3mm to 3.7 rpm. This machine can be set up for oxy-fuel or the plasma process. Although this machine is designed to perform a great deal of work, it is an extremely economical choice and portable enough to sit on a worktable.

Bug-O Systems was originally developed to fabricate the landing craft used on D-Day during World War II. Since that time, the company has been continually developing new products to give customers an excellent return on their investment. From the St. Louis Arch to the Disney Cruise ships, and now pipelines all around the world, Bug-O's full line of products and components can be designed to fit virtually any application.