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Airgas Training Seminar

Aug. 26, 2013

Bug-O Systems recently held a one day training seminar for local West Pennsylvania Airgas Distributors in the Greater Pittsburgh area.  The event took place at the new Bug-O University Facility on 22, August. The morning started off with an overview of our company and introductions of our Team Members followed by comprehensive training at four separate welding and cutting stations.  Each station concentrated on a specific part of the product line and was accompanied with a Bug-O Product Manager and instructor.  All the attendees went through an in depth training with Terry Bolinger (Outside Sales Technician for the area) and Michael Shaffer (Manager of Education Programs at Bug-O U).  The Piper-Plus (pipe welding), K-Bug (fillet welding), Modular Drive System (several configurations), MM-1 (pipe cutting), CW-5 and CB1P (Circle Welder and Cutter) were the highlights of each station.  After lunch, a complete product line overview was presented and the Bug-O team fielded questions.  The day provided the group with a better understanding of how Bug-O Products can help Airgas sell more complete solutions to their customers.


For additional information on how your company can receive a training program at Bug-O U, please contact Mike Shaffer at mshaffer@weld.com or call 412-331-1776 X-1955