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Fabtech Mexico/AWS Weldmex 2013

May. 13, 2013

This year’s Fabtech Mexico/AWS Weldmex show was a success! The show took place Tues-Thurs 7-9 May at the CINTERMEX Complex in Monterrey, Mexico. Records were made with a 32% increase in attendance compared to the 2011 event. 384 exhibitors took part, many increasing their space to promote their latest products and technology in manufacturing. Fabtech Mexico/AWS Weldmex is now the largest manufacturing show in Latin America, a perfect fit to support Mexico’s growing industry in automation and robotic welding and cutting.

Bug-O Systems had over 200 square feet of space with over nine products on display demonstrating product features from pipe cutting, pipe welding with automatic height control, shape machines, the new KBUG line of portable fillet welders and of course the world famous MSD system with linear and pendulum weavers.  Customers from all over Mexico and South America visited with Bug-O to learn how they can benefit with Bug-O products to improve weld quality and efficiency. Bug-O System’s Regional Manager, Jorge Puchaicela answered questions and provided support for Bug-O’s entire product line. Bug-O Systems had a great turnout at this year’s show. Sights are now set on 2014 for the Fabtech Mexico/AWS Weldmex show in Mexico City, Mexico.