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BUG-O March Madness Recap

Apr. 01, 2013




This year’s Regional Sales Manager Training Program which was affectionately dubbed “Bug-O March Madness” was a huge success, so the surveys received confirm.  Each year typically in March, we ask all of our Outside Technical Sales Managers to visit our BUG-O Training Facility (Bug-O U)  in order to fine-tune their technical skills on our current products and processes while allowing us the opportunity to introduce them to new products. This is also typically when we take the opportunity to introduce new products and gain valuable field marketing data and information which enables us to have a greater customer focus moving forward in our new product offerings. 


This year we used the entire month, splitting our entire Team into four training sections which spanned the entire month, hence the Bug-O March Madness theme.  Bring our Outside Sales Staff in for training on our most popular equipment and to also train them on other various Cost Reduction Programs that companies are looking for to stay under budget and within their estimated completion time.  The typical training schedule started on a Monday as a Meet and Greet and then moved to a “State of the Union” address by our President Chip Cable.  The viewing of the current Viewpoints News TV Program featuring Bug-O Systems and hosted by Terry Bradshaw was also a focal point of the morning.  Typically during the late morning and afternoon we broke into smaller teams to get a greater hands-on focus on the equipment that we were going to train on for the day and to address any questions someone may have had.  Tuesday’s schedule followed with additional training and a greater focus on the importance of Mechanization as well as Cost Savings Plan for Efficient Welding.


In the four weeks of training we had, the Managers surveys indicated that they were very satisfied in what we covered and in also the extra information we provided to them to help with closing sales because they were now better prepared to educate the customer to be more knowledgeable.  We look forward to these very focused and informational training sessions to not only help our Outside Sales Staff, but to also gain feedback on what they have to say and what they can teach us on the Inside Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing side of the business.