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Ohio Valley Regional Oil & Gas Expo 2017

May. 17, 2017


The Ohio Valley Regional Oil & Gas Expo was held on April 25 and 26, 2017. A Network Reception was held on Tuesday evening followed Wednesday by the all-day expo and conference. This annual event was held in St. Clairsville, Ohio at the James E. Carnes Center in Belmont County. This business to business event included over 100 vendor displays and trade professionals from the shale oil and gas industry.

Bug-O Systems displayed the Piper Plus System. This product is used to perform fill and cap welds on pipe using the flux cored process. This solution for the pipe welding industry displayed at the expo demonstrates how Bug-O Systems supports the increase in mechanization of pipe welding so that contractors can be more efficient in meeting the industry’s growing demands.


Jeff Nelson, Manager – Technical Sales and Special Systems had the opportunity to speak with many interested customers.


The expo was a huge success shown by the large attendance this year. Bug-O Systems is proud to have been part of this event and continues to support this key target audience as a corporate member of the Ohio Valley Oil & Gas Association.