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Spinarc® Up-Date

Jul. 25, 2016

Bryan George

Director Business Development
Weld Revolution LLC
It is seldom in this industry, that one has the ability to make a significant enough differentiation to see customers line up, stand up and take notice of a process that can change their profit margins and take them to the top of their game. This may well be the case with a process that has evolved into a major contender, shaking up the industry and proving to be a game changing innovation with respect to productivity, efficiency and quality. In addition to these attributes, the rewards in cost reduction and the ability to counter distortion, provide enough motivation to investigate the process further and get a better understanding of the capabilities inherent in the process.  


Working with Bug-O, distributor partners, and in concert with the capabilities of the numerous application engineers and process analysts, Weld Revolution is challenging the status quo, providing a refreshing opportunity to gain significant advantage over traditional processes and at an affordable price point. Customers in the shipbuilding, railcar, barge and vessel industries have seen the advantages and are feverishly working to make the necessary equipment and regulatory changes to take advantage of this game changing technology.


An excellent example of the capabilities of the process might be the distortion and warpage control provided by the SpinArc® process in the barge and rail industries, where distortion has been a major contributor to countless hours of rework, inherent stress buildup and fit up issues to challenge the most ardent of fabricators. By utilizing the technology provided by the SpinArc® process, the heat input is spread over a broader footprint. In traditional processes the concentration of heat is predominantly formed in an axial format directly in line with the droplet transfer, which renders most of the heat input in the center of the arc, creating distortion, a more finger style penetration profile, and a larger heat affected zone.


Additionally, utilizing SpinArc®, one can reduce the bevel angles on numerous joint configurations, again, significantly reducing cost, but additionally reducing distortion and warpage.


At a time when manufacturers are challenged due to a less than robust market economy, innovations such as SpinArc® technology, especially when coupled to a Bug-O Modular Drive System (MDS) bring to markets the ability to make significant productivity and efficiency increases.


We at Weld Revolution see this opportunity as a process that in years to come will be viewed as an industry standard and will be imbedded in many fabrication facilities as a matter of course. Let our team of engineers and specialists introduce your Company to this game changing technology. You will not be disappointed!
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