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2016 Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair

Jun. 30, 2016


The 21st Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Fair was held in Beijing, China June 14-17 2016.  The show hosted well over 900 different companies from more than 25 different countries exhibiting their products and drew over 20,000 attendees from more than 45 different countries over the course of the four day show. BUG-O Systems participated in the show with All Time Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Company. On display in the booth were the MDS System and a Cypress CW-5 Circle Welder.   



BUG-O Systems displayed the SpinArc® Torch System from Weld Revolution on the MDS system. This is a revolutionary new welding torch that rotates the wire as it moves through the torch. This stirring action allows for spray-like transfer welding in all positions. The SpinArc® Torch System enables bevel reduction and/or elimination and allows for increased deposition rates compared to traditional MIG welding. It also allows for significant increases in travel speed.


In the Huawei booth at the show, Bug-O displayed the Piper Plus Pipe Welding System. There were live pipe welding demonstrations throughout the course of the show validating the capabilities of the Piper-Plus. The live welding demonstrated the advantages of micro-processor controlled mechanization for semi-automatic pipe welding.



In attendance at the show were BUG-O Systems President, Matt Cable and Asia-Pacific regional manager, Allan Kahui. Allan has been instrumental in rebuilding the Asia-Pacific market over the past 10 months and brings a wealth of knowledge in the tank construction industry.  BUG-O’s presence at trade shows such as the Beijing Essen Fair helps to strengthen our support for distributors and customers in the region.  We are honored to have been part of this year’s show and look forward to the future serving the Asia-Pacific market with automated welding & cutting solutions.