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Summer Sales Host SpinArc® Training Programs and Demonstrations

May. 31, 2016

Summer Sales, which consists of Mike Mackintosh (owner) and Steven Scott, were selected to host the North-Western U.S. Bug-O Systems / SpinArc® Training Program in March of this year. Also in attendance was Bryan George, Director of Business Development at Weld Revolution. This program kicked off with Spinarc®, the exciting new product that caught the attention of the welding industry at the 2015 FABTECH Show as well as regional fabricators across the North-West.  


Matheson Tri-Gas was generous enough to provide their facility as well as the welding power source and wire feeders necessary to run the Bug-O MDS and SpinArc® torch at this training. The attendance was very good with many attending from several area fab-shops. There was a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and positive feedback from this new product and the opportunities all attendees saw for this application.


A second opportunity that Summer Sales participated in was a hands on demo at the Norco Open House in Idaho Falls, ID on 4’ May. This was another training center location and Norco was so excited about the Spinarc® process that they decided to make the investment right away. They immediately got on board and committed by hosting another training session within just a few weeks.  Currently they are following up on a half dozen leads throughout Idaho. These training programs specifically opened up the possibilities for MDS and SpinArc®, as many of the shops in attendance stretched their imaginations with the possibilities of what it can offer.


We have held additional training sessions and onsite demonstrations since then with several clients and have many potential customers lined up for more thorough onsite testing.  Interests and demand for demos has been so strong that we anticipate several machines to be purchased by the end of the year as fab shops across the area get a chance to spend time with the system and their own specific processes to define the savings it offers.


As we move forward with Bug-O MDS and SpinArc® technology, we see a bright future as it truly is a “Weld Revolution”!