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Sierra College – New Welding Certification Program

Mar. 01, 2016

Sierra College is a junior college located in Rocklin, California at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, approximately 20 minutes from Sacramento. www.sierracollege.edu/about-us/index.php  They also have other campuses, but Rocklin is their main campus and they have well over 15,000 students. 





During my visit to Sierra College, I was quickly impressed with the quality of their facilities, and the significant investments they have made in capital assets and the professors. The college professors at a minimum hold masters degrees and in the welding department they are persons with engineering degrees and some with over 25 years of industry and field experience. Additionally, the College hosts the local AWS Chapter and is extremely active on campus and in the community. Overall, I have to say, they have a very impressive program and the dedication this College has to its student and the industries they serve is second to none that I’ve ever seen.


During my visit we got to tour the entire facility, meet the staff and review the welding program. Currently they have four welding programs which include Basic Welding, Advanced Welding, Introduction to GMAW and GMAW. However, due to the very strong student placement program within various industries and the need to provide higher quality welders for a growing demand from industry, Sierra is starting this June offering a Weld Automation Certification Program. This new program will feature the Bug-O Systems MDS with the stitch/seam module, together with the Linear and Pendulum weavers so that all students enrolled in this program will be ready to jump right into the workforce with real firsthand knowledge. Local industry is greatly endorsing this program and looking forward to hiring those students because they already know the latest technology and understand the important mechanization and automation and the part this must now play in the welding industry.  


We are proud to have been selected to be the product of choice for Sierra College’s new Welding Automation Program. We both feel it is a natural fit; quality students learning about the importance of quality welds with great productivity, on products Made in America, backed by a 3-year Warranty and it would appear the industry would agree.  


A special thank you to Marc Rizzo for bringing our two organizations together and also to Bill Wenzel-CWI, Department Chair for Welding Technology at Sierra College. We look forward to the Staff Training Program and the inaugural class.     


Norm Sted – Director N.A. Sales & Global Marketing