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GAWDA Spring Management Meeting - Savannah, GA

Apr. 08, 2016


The 71st Annual Spring Conference in Savannah, GA was held at the Westin Savannah Harbor Resort.  It started Sunday evening with the traditional President’s Welcome Reception where the current President Bill Visintainer greeted the very large turnout. The conference is traditionally a three day event and this year was no exception.  


Our experience tells us that this is one of the most important GAWDA meetings of the year because the attendance is on a national level, and it’s early enough that most persons attending are here to network and brainstorm with colleagues whilst getting a feel for what the economic environment might be for the year.  This year with gas and oil so weak, I feel this was the catalyst for an even greater turnout.



The meeting followed the normal format with the general business agenda items which was then followed by having guest speakers. This year's “Key Note” speaker was Dirk Beveridge, successful business owner, Speaker and Author.  His title presentation was “How successful businesses lead change in disruptive times.”  At this current time, I feel he made everyone realize that the status quo is the enemy and that leaders of any organization must take responsibility to create a relevant and sustainable future for their organizations.  Two additional speakers also presented.  Steven Wiley who addressed the importance of strong leadership so as to keep employees engaged, and Marjorie Young who shared strategies to boost your professional reputation.      


The Contact Booth portion of The Conference is the best time to “get in front” of our distribution clients and show off what’s new.  This year of course, we drove home our competitive advantages of “Made in USA,” our 3-year warranty and the new features of our GO-FER IV.  Additionally, we had the MDS, and the KBUG’s 1200 and 3000.  This year Tripp Gorman took full responsibility for this event and we would like to thank him for all the extra work and time he put forth to make this a huge success for us.    


We look forward to the GAWDA Spring Meeting 2017 which will be held in Boca Raton, FL 3-5, April.  We hope to see you there with more new products!