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Meyer Werft Shipyard

Apr. 18, 2016

The Meyer Werft (Shipyard) in Papenburg Germany is a true marvel of engineering. They build some of the biggest cruise liners in the world, and they build them indoors! Inside the main dry dock building, the ceiling is 150 meters ( 492 ft) high and the length is 500 meters ( 1640 ft). Founded in 1795, Meyer is now one of the most automated shipyards in the world. Two full size cruise liners can be built side by side simultaneously. After these ships are built they must be towed backwards some 36 kilometers to the sea. They are too big to turn around in the Ems River. Bug-O Systems is proud that Meyer uses our machines to improve the welding of these mighty ships. Bug-O Systems’ distributor, Ho-Bu., visits the shipyard often to provide support for exiting equipment and providing solutions for new applications. 


In March, 2016, after a successful exhibition in Antwerp Belgium, Bug-O Systems Territory Manager; Volker Bueltmann, and Director of International Sales, Mark Binder visited Meyer to look at more challenges the shipyard faces in its continuous improvement goals. Hands-on reviews of welding applications provided ideas to improve quality and reduce costs. Meyer had just finished the “Quantum of the Seas”, the latest super cruise liner built for Royal Caribbean International and the next ship is near 70% complete. Bug-O Systems looks forward to our continued work with Meyer and stands ready to assist with future challenges.