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Jan. 07, 2016

During 2015, Bug-O Systems launched five new products. For any company that is quite a large accomplishment, however in preparation Bug-O decided to face this challenge head on by investing in additional engineers and CAD/CAM draftsmen in 2014/15. “You cannot expect to increase sales by merely selling more of the same thing” said Norm Sted, Director of Sales and Marketing for North America. If you want to be considered the leader in the industry, then you better be prepared to get out in front and lead the industry with products that solve real problems for our customers whilst driving technology for the future.


Bug-O did exactly that by launching five new products that touched a major segment of their vast product line. For the entry level market which is addressed on a daily basis by our Distributors we offered the fourth generation GO-FER IV. We listened to our customers and put everything into the new GO-FER IV as standard, leaving them wanting for nothing more. Features include a pre-settable digital speed meter, dual contactors with large glove friendly industrial switches, a gas manifold, and a wide range drive motor capable of 2.5 to 100 inches per minute so you can perform basic oxy-fuel cutting, welding and even plasma cutting and gouging. Then we packed it all into a one smaller lower profile machine that does it all.


In the Cypress product line of circle burners and welders, we now offer these machines for use with digital power sources from Miller, Lincoln and OTC. Wires and welding processes are becoming more sophisticated every day and we want to be sure that we can meet all the needs of our demanding clients when it comes to processes.

The high-light of the FABTECH Show was the MM5 pipe cutting machine we displayed in our booth. It is the next generation moving up from our proven MM1, except the new MM5 has pipe weight capacity of up to 5,000 pounds and also includes as standard, Automatic Height Control.  Pipe is never perfectly round, but with our MM5 with AHC, you don’t have to worry as the machine will compensate for those imperfections and all for under $85K.

The Piper-Plus pipe welding system from Bug-O is now available with the Miller Pipe-Worx power-source and wire feeder. The advanced arc characteristics required by today’s pipeline contractors and owners make the Piper Plus system a proven choice around the world. Now you can choose your Piper Plus for use with Lincoln or Miller. Contact Jeff Nelson – Pipeline Industry Manager for Bug-O at 412-331-1776 x1933 or email: jnelson@weld.com for additional details or a personal quote.


As we move into 2016 we are excited about the partnership we have developed with Weld Revolution and the SpinArc process. This very well could be the greatest advancement to the arc welding process in many years. The SpinArc process is a patented gun that has a contact tip that spins at many different pre-set speeds to provide higher deposition rates than standard semi-automatic process and also eliminates the need for a standard bevel. The cost saving associated with eliminating the standard bevel is huge and translates to the bottom line. Additionally, the spinning of the wire allows for greater penetration and “wash-in” to the side walls which increases the weld quality and reduces cut-outs and repairs. The SpinArc guns are currently in stock at Bug-O and available with “back-ends” for Miller, Lincoln and Fronius.  
For more information regarding any of these products call your Regional Sales Manager, visit bugo.com or call 1-800-245-3186.