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Long Lasting Relationships in European Countries Lead to Growth

Jan. 14, 2016

The Cable Family has always strived to create and maintain long lasting and successful relationships with their industry colleagues. This has been proven true through several generations and decades of partnerships with their distributors worldwide.




Particularly in Germany, a relationship that started 40 years ago has led to a continuously growing distribution network throughout all of Europe. In 1976, Mr. Horst Bueltmann founded Hobu-Schweisstechnik in Werne, Germany which quickly became one of Bug-O Systems’ largest and longest withstanding international distributors to date. That year was not only the start of a distributorship but it was also the beginning of several decades of friendship. Mr. Volker Bueltmann, the son of Mr. Horst Bueltmann, now manages Hobu-Schweisstechnik and also manages the Bug-O Systems product lines throughout Europe.   




Currently, Bug-O Systems’ has 34 distributors spread over 40 countries in and around the European region which are working with local dealers in their respective territories. Although we already cover a large area, Volker plans to expand into even more countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia and Belarus. Also, in the past year, he has been creating new relationships with distributors in Northern Ireland, Serbia and Hungary while also targeting the Eastern part of Europe which includes Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania and the Ukraine.


Volker places great emphasis on long and continuous cooperation which is why our top seven distributors in Europe are also some of our oldest. They are: Hobu-Schweisstechnik (Germany), Automation Bugo France (France and Belgium), MT-International (The Netherlands and Belgium), GLB Global Elektrik Elektronik Kaynak Sistemleri San. Tic. As (Turkey), Auto-Flex, S.L. (Spain), Retco Oy (Finland) and Esab Soldadura (Italy).  
With the support of Bug-O Systems International headquarters, Hobu-Schweisstecknik has recently moved into a new, larger facility. The move has enabled us to set up a service, training and demonstration center. This new multi-purpose building is available to all distributors in Europe. At the new facility they can present live, hands-on training and demonstrations to show their customers how Bug-O Systems can improve the quality and reduce the costs of their fabrication projects.