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GO-FER IV, One Economical Machine for Every Application by Bug-O Systems:

Oct. 28, 2015


For more than 30 years, industries around the world have come to love the GO-FER. Over that time, the GO-FER has changed and evolved to meet customers' ever changing needs. At the 2015 FABTECH Show in Booth N8013, Bug-O Systems will showcase its lower profile 4th Generation; the GO-FER IV. This straight-line, versatile and robust tractor is portable (new lower profile case) for all your cutting and welding needs. In the past it took three machines to perform all the applications that the new GO-FER IV can perform. It’s like having three units in one! Distributors and customers alike will enjoy the benefits that this one machine can perform because it reduces the need to keep multiple machines and accessories on hand. This machine was designed from the ground up to meet all the industries’ needs by incorporating a wide range speed motor (2.5-100 ipm) and a large and bright digital speed meter. The meter can be preset and it easily monitors your travel speed for all your processes. Additionally, with its built-in dual contactor switches, gas manifold and its flexible racking groups all standard, you are capable of cutting with oxy fuel or your plasma system. You can even perform precise quality gouging with the plasma system.  




When utilized for straight line cuts and beveling with an oxy torch, this unit has everything built in that you require except the torch itself. The quick-action gas manifold mounted to the rear of the machine is used as a strain reliever for the torch and also gives the operator the ability to turn on and off the gases without having to readjust the gas flow of the torch.   


Due to the broad travel speed range (2.5-100 IPM) and its direct rack and pinion drive, the GO-FER IV is perfectly designed to work in conjunction with a plasma cutting system. Additionally, with the built-in trigger contactor for initiating the cut, it’s able to make straight plasma cuts and bevels.  Furthermore, if you angle the plasma torch you can also perform mechanized gouging without changing machines.  


The GO-FER IV is proudly built in the USA and is backed by Bug-O Systems’ 3-Year Warranty so you can work with confidence knowing that the quality went in before the name was put on this industry proven machine. For example, the machine is designed and built for long service life and safety in the field as it incorporates a chrome moly pinion drive gear and the motor will lock in place if power is interrupted to the unit, even if it is being used in the vertical up position.  


With the optional Welding Kit (GOF-3255) it provides everything you need including the fits-all clamp which will accept and accommodate any hand held welding gun and allow the operator to position the gun at any angle desired. The racking group allows for in process torch adjustment of the vertical and horizontal planes. The built-in trigger contactor allows the operator to activate the wire feeder from the switch on the top of the unit. 
The GO-FER IV runs on heavy duty rigid aluminum rail utilizing our patented On/Off magnets which are the strongest in the industry. When you order the GO-FER IV Kit (GOF-4000) it also provides as standard one 8 foot rigid aluminum rail, two On/Off Magnets and two spacers, making this the most complete system ever.  
Since 1948, Bug-O Systems has been proudly manufacturing in the USA powerful solutions for all your cutting and welding needs, which are backed by an industry unique 3-year warranty. Contact Bug-O Systems today   www.bugo.com 1-800-245-3186