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Process Innovation – Investing in Your Future

Jun. 01, 2015

Today is an exciting time to be part of the mechanized welding and cutting industry because the current challenges have never been greater. Customer expectations of quality, reliability, safety, and utility are at an all-time high. Many businesses large and small look to companies like Bug-O Systems for help in implementing new or greatly improved production techniques to increase efficiency.
What is an investment? It is an asset or items purchased with the hope that it will generate income or appreciate in the future. In an economic sense, an investment is a monetary asset purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth.  Investing in processes to improve efficiency only makes sense.
The pressure for companies to find new way to revolutionize their industries while fighting to stay globally competitive is all too real. But while all organizations feel the pressure, few are able to make innovation a workplace reality. So how can companies figure out how to implement new processes for greater efficiency? For over 60 years Bug-O Systems has worked with more than 50 small and mid-sized companies that have managed to set “business as usual” to one side and solve big structural problems endemic to their industries, not just problems they face alone. In breaking those bottlenecks, they significantly reduced their costs. In some cases they eliminate entire cost categories or boost demand levels, and sometimes both.
Future trends can be viewed as a threat or an opportunity. If embraced as an opportunity, changes are made to sustain future business. How does a company reframe the concept of change? Change can be rethought of as innovation. Innovation can be made by finding ways to become more efficient through transforming processes and procedures. Through the use of technology, this can be achieved to help a business grow.
It is important to think big, be fast and transform how you do business so that you do not end up in an innovation rut. When change becomes too intimidating, keep this in mind: “Some people see a trend and see a threat. Innovators see the same trend, and see an opportunity.” Innovative projects have the greatest chance of success where they are supported by strong leadership.
Research has shown that effective leadership for supporting innovation includes leadership that:
· Is flexible and open to new ideas
· Is prepared to allow distributed leadership in areas of specialization and expertise
· Builds trust and gives confidence to staff members who are trying new practices
· Ensures any risks associated with changes to practice are identified, managed and minimized
· Provides sponsorship and is prepared to commit resources.
When businesses consider mechanization, they don’t always consider Bug-O Systems products as being part of the innovation process. It’s time to change that perception of Bug-O. The truth is Bug-O can be a powerful engine of innovation creating value and efficiency for your company.  We can redefine the context of a business, unlocking new value. We can spring customers to higher levels that competitors can’t reach. Working with end users to utilize their own platforms and programs, new markets can be created and current markets can be transformed. Contact Bug-O Systems today, we look forward to the opportunity!