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Non-Traditional Use of Circle Welders/Burners Achieve Success

Jun. 17, 2015

Distributors and customers alike recognize that BUG-O’s Cypress Circle Welders and Burners are used on pressure vessels and domed heads. These are very popular and traditional applications for these machines. However, the application use for these types of machines is expanding and continually growing as the demand widens for replicating higher quality welds while increasing productivity.  With the introduction of four new models, these circle welders and burners can be used with new advanced process digital power sources from a variety of different manufacturers.  We have seen a growing number of applications where the customer is performing welds in the 1G position using multiple processes.  The welds are made on various types of base materials including; aluminum, stainless, and carbon steel. Although once thought of as a non-traditional use, the Bug-O’s Cypress circle welders are being utilized to complete these challenging applications.  If you need to perform a weld around the diameter of a stationary part, this product may suit your needs. Please consult your Bug-O Regional Manager or the Bug-O Product Manager (Dale Keil, dkeil@weld.com) with any questions on this well established product line.