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Efficiency in Automation Spurs 2015 Growth Forecast in the Midwest

Jan. 26, 2015


Where will the economy be in the Midwest 2015 and beyond? What role will technology and automation play in our economic future? It is abundantly clear to most researchers that the United States and the developed and transitioning world that we are generating a great deal of turbulence globally. Technology is transforming virtually every aspect of world society and effecting changes in regional developmental trends. While positive momentum must be tempered with recent concerns of oil, coal industry, and agricultural commodities, pricing the future outlook looks strong.  It is impossible to predict the future with any certainty but, I believe there is reason for optimism in 2015. 

Successful technological advancements are created by need, industrial partnering and engineering resources. We have seen demand in welding automation stride forward in the Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia and Western PA market area. This is due to strong growth in manufacturing, transportation, energy as well agricultural industries. In particular, there are strong reports from the auto manufactures, oil, natural gas and related pipeline work in eastern Ohio and Western PA.  This growth has birthed the return of many supporting distributors, weld shops, and fabricators. These industries have been crying out for knowledgeable workers, new resources, and smart solutions. Our customers are looking for the type of support that only an industry leader such as Bug-O can offer. Innovative company leaders are asking questions such as: “How can we create more efficiency? What moderate steps can we make to affect our bottom line in a positive way? How can we put our people in a position to maximize their potential?” The answer in short is Bug-O welding and cutting systems. Bug-O has long prided itself in partnering with our customers to create a synergy where success becomes a joint venture. Where we have partnered, Bug-O has become a ‘force multiplier’ needed in today’s competitive economy. We have great opportunities existing with our product line to fill nearly almost every production need when it comes to automating a welding or cutting process. Where new solutions are needed we have been able to create exciting products to fit customer specifications. 

In summery we look for solid organic growth for the upcoming year. With customer centric focus, partnering in welding automation education and development of proven solutions, we know we are in a winning position. While the New Year’s challenges arrive, our customers can be comforted by the fact that they have a strong partner in Bug-O systems.  

Dave Campbell – Regional Manager, Midwest
Email: davecampbell315@gmail.com