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A Look Forward - Shipyard & Heavy Industry

Jan. 26, 2015

With a New Year come many opportunities to configure welding and cutting solutions. As BUG-O Systems looks ahead into 2015 we will strive to be on the forefront of innovation with companies’ now developing new ways of producing clean energy generation to supplement and compete with other applications utilizing wind, air and fossil fuels. As we’ve helped to build America in the past, we strive to move forward as a truly family-owned company which takes pride in its Union Made American Products.

An increase in focus this year comes from the Applications Department, which comprises the knowledge and expertise from years of service to the welding and fabrication industry. With experts in the fields of heavy fabrication, shipbuilding, field storage tank fabrication and pipelines they’ve covered the spread of any possible project, large or small. Although the team is based out of the factory in Pittsburgh, PA they are available for International projects such as successful projects being oil pipelines in Poland, field storage tanks in Germany and commercial shipbuilding in Europe and the Caribbean. Each application and welding engineer, as well as technical sales associates have been cleared to visit any corner of the globe.
Lastly, a new year wouldn’t be complete without having new technologies and ideas to bring to the welders, flame cutters and fabricators in the field and at home and abroad. While everyone was away for Holiday the folks here at BUG-O Systems have been hard at work coming up with new products and innovations as well as putting some finishing touches on machines to be unveiled in the coming months. Stop back for the latest and greatest to see what you’ll be able to get your hands on next to help you in the shipyards and heavy industries.

Brad Mutschler – Shipyard & Heavy Industry Manager
email: bmutschler@weld.com