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2015 Outlook for Inter-Mountain West

Jan. 23, 2015

Bug-O System’s Henry Dills is looking forward to a strong 2015 representing Bug-O in the Inter-Mountain West. The ability of Bug-O systems to increase production, quality and efficiency in a wide range of applications will be important to the region’s fabricators of all sizes and focus in the upcoming year, said Henry. This year also brings with it a slow down in shale exploration and some uncertainty as we wait for stability to return to oil pricing.

The Inter-Mountain West is directly tied to energy and shale development which has worked as a catalyst for growth in industrial manufacturing over the last six years. Beginning in mid 2014 the price of oil started falling and is currently trading at less then the target cost of extraction. There is a lot of uncertainty coming into the year and it is having an effect on exploration and operating budgets. Infrastructure is still needed to accommodate current domestic production and expansion when it comes online in Eastern Wyoming and Colorado. Although things are fluctuating currently as the year progresses we should see stability return to the price of oil and get a better view of where exploration and expansion are heading in 2015.
Fabricators are working smarter and putting more time and research into their processes. This is reflected in the amount of technology being incorporated and the increased production shops have reached in recent years. Automated drive systems are very effective as both primary solutions as well as supplements to custom designed systems. The amount of robotic and dedicated sub arc systems have been increasing throughout the west as they have become more accessible both new and used. Bug-O’s ability to take automation to the work piece is very effective in use with these systems. It allows a shop to speed up the slowest parts of their production and increase quality while keeping their current workflow. Smaller shops are also demanding more out of their equipment and finding ways to incorporate Bug-O fixtures and equipment to meet production demand as well as adapt systems as projects change.
Even with exploration slowing, infrastructure is still needed in the oil and gas industries as well as other sectors of the energy market. With shops continuing to automate processes and Bug-O developing and producing easily integrated high quality solutions, the outlook for 2015 is strong throughout the region.

Henry Dills – Regional Manager Inter-Mountain West
Email: henry@thdillsgroup.com