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Tank Fabrication Made Easy - Zipper Welder

Sep. 01, 2014

For many years Bug-O Systems has enjoyed success in the Tank Fabrication Industry that has embraced our zipper welding system. Most recently we have enjoyed additional success in Louisiana where we have had a customer using the Zipper with great success. The key to the Zipper Welder is that it utilizes our proven MDS System, to fabricate storage tanks. It achieves the best results when you use the weaver module and automatic height control as this gives you a more cost effective and versatile piece of equipment that will help any tank fabricator achieve maximum efficiency. The Zipper Welder also gives you dramatic savings in set-up time because you only have to turn off two magnets on the bottom of the track and quickly glide the system to the next weld. This alleviates set up time and fatigue from having to lift the entire system.
There are different systems available and the track can be purchased separately to meet various customers’ needs. There are 8’ and 10’ systems available, where the track itself is 12’ high so it can utilize the full length of the track to cap off the weld at the top of the tank.

We are here to help, so please feel free to contact Josh Chiprich at 412-420-9570 or jchiprich@weld.com for more information.