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Bug-O Attends Training at All-Time Facility – Shanghai, China

Jun. 09, 2014

Josh Chiprich (Tank Fabrication Market Manager) and Chris Cable (Director of Global Sales & Marketing) recently visited our Girth Welding partner in Shanghai, China for training  and also had the opportunity to visit a large tank farm in Tianjin to get some hands on experience with the product.

The All Time training was very thorough. It consisted of two days of technical overview with a tank consultant from Australia and an overview of the facility from Jason Young, who is our main contact at All Time. The training was very informative as we learned more about the tank fabrication market worldwide and also received an overview of the machines that we offer.

Our first impression was how well the products are manufactured. These machines are very durable and well designed, always adapting to meet customer needs. This is a big difference to our competition as a lot of their technology used has not changed since the 1950’s.


Some of the technical differences and benefits between our Girth Welders and the competition are as follows:

Modular System- With our system, you can take a single horizontal girth welder and turn it into a double sided girth welder and vice versa. The same machines can also do either bottom up or top down welding.

Dual Drive Motor- This gives us the ability to drive the unit over uneven fit ups and butt joints which is unique to our product in the market.

Adjustable Flux Belt Carriage- Our flux belts can be easily moved into position to fit the weld joint.

Laser Guide-With Sub Arc Welding it is sometimes difficult to line up correctly on the weld. The laser guide alleviates adjustments and saves time on set up.

Adaptability- In regards to manufacturing, we are able to meet many requirements and specifications that the customer may need.  These are not a one size fits all machine.



Our onsite visit to the tank farm in Tianjin was very informative. Tianjin is a large city of 13 million people located approximately two hours east of Beijing, China. We were able to see all of the applications that you may run across on a tank farm. The tank farm was in the process of building 32 tanks that spanned roughly 240 feet across. These tanks were being used to hold Crude oil.

The machines being used were single sided girth welders for horizontal joints, electro gas welders for vertical joints, and the LT7 Buggie for the outside bottom of the tanks. It was amazing to see the equipment being used in the field and we learned a lot of valuable information while we were on site.


In conclusion, the tank fabrication market will continue to grow for the foreseeable future and Bug-O has the equipment to compete with any competitor in the market. Over the next few months we are going to improve our marketing and sales information we have available. We are also going to attend a couple tank storage shows worldwide this year to begin to increase our coverage of the tank fabrication market. I will be getting out in many areas over the next few months. With that said, if you have any questions please contact me and I will be happy to assist you in growing in this market.

Josh Chiprich
Tank Fabrication Marketing Manager
Email: jchiprich@weld.com