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Airgas Nor Pac Annual Sales Meeting - Kahneeta - Warm Springs Oregon

May. 26, 2014

Airgas Nor Pac, which refers to their Airgas Northern Pacific Regional Office, hosted their annual Sales Management Meeting at Kahneeta Resort. At this annual meeting, over 100 key Airgas sales managers and support persons met to review the previous year's results and have work-shops to reinforce their business goals and forecast for the current year. Bug-O Systems was very proud and honored to be one of 12 invitation only guests at the two day event. The event was held at the famous and historical Kahneeta Report which was first built in 1962 on the honored grounds of the Kahneeta Indian Reservation which is most well known for the natural warm springs of the area. The Kahneeta Tribe first discovered that these warm natural spring water and it was thought to be very therapeutic and possessed healing powers. Today people still come from all over the US to enjoy the very secluded mountain location and the warm springs as a way to relax, enjoy the family and the wonderful resort amenities. Kanheeta is located approximately 2.5 hours southeast of Portland Oregon. 


It is no wonder why Airgas chose this wonderful location to host their annual meeting. The isolation allowed everyone the ability to focus on the work at hand as well as building greater quality relationships with Key Partners whilst eliminating all outside distractions of everyday cell phones and business. Bug-O, as an invited vendor partner, enjoyed the opportunity to have a contact booth where along with Norm Sted and Dan Enz showed and discussed the features of the MSD system, GOFER III and the K-BUG 1200. Outside in the courtyard Mike Mackintosh with his Summers Sales DEMO Trailer was demonstrating the K-BUG 1200 and K-BUG 3000. At both of these contact areas, Bug-O had the ability to meet and discuss the full product offering with all 100 Airgas persons. I believed everyone left with a greater understanding of the depth and breath of the full product offering from Bug-O Systems. Additionally we really enjoyed this opportunity and look forward to next year's program. 



Shown above (left to right): Dan Enz and Mike Mackintosh Shown above is Dan Enz