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DC Speed Weaving Kit

The DC Speed Weaving Kit combines a DC-IV drive unit and a Speed Weaver II for those straight line welding applications that require oscillation. Rack and


Automatic Arc Gouging System

Bug-O Systems AGS-4000 Automatic Gouging System features a high resolution voltage control, automatic feed head and our Modular Drive System travel


Weld Backings

Bug-O Systems weld backings are non metallic, non hygroscopic, neutral, and unlike metal backing bars, do not become part of the finished weld. When


Universal Bug-O-Matic

The Universal Bug-O-Matic is a compact unit which combines a powerful drive and precision oscillator all in one housing. The unit is lightweight and can


Girth and Vertical Welders

Bug-O Systems offers Automatic Girth and Vertical Welders for tank fabrication applications. They are applicable for top down or bottom up constructed


Supports and Accessories

Bug-O Systems Supports & Accessories include welding and cutting racking groups, panographs and supports that can be utilized with our products.


Con-o precision contour burning and beveling machines produce elliptical cuts and bevels in pipes and cylinders. The Con-o automatically follows symmetrical


Shape Machines

Bug-O’s Programmable Shape Machines are easy to use 2-axis machines which you can program to run any contour or pattern for both welding and cutting


Modular Drive System

The Modular Drive System is the only product in the industry that allows the user to configure one machine for various automated applications. The MDS


Programmable Gantry

The Programmable Gantry System provides coordinated motion in two axis, using three drives: two synchronized motors drive the main carriages along the



Bug-O Uni-bugs are designed to run directly on your work piece. They fit specific steel profiles such as flat bar, angle, channel, I-beams and bulb flats.


The Hob-o is a lightweight precision Hole Borer and Beveler that is easy to use. It is easily carried to the work, and is quickly centered on the work piece


Modular Drive System and SpinArc® Technology

Two well known technologies come together to provide the highest level of productivity and quality welds with little or no
bevel required, thus


Beam Bug III

The Beam Bug is a lightweight, easy to carry machine designed to cut beams, channels and angles from one rail setting. It produces smooth,


Speed Weaver II

The Speed Weaver II is a compact, precision, all-position machine, designed for maximum versatility in oscillation. Its solid-state controls with graduated


DC General Welding Kit

The DC General Welding and DC Heavy Duty Welding Kit are both available for the DC-IV. Each kit includes the DC-IV, rail, cable anchor and welding group.

Rails & Attachments

Bug-O Systems offers rail for a variety of applications. Each type of rail requires a corresponding carriage and magnets or vacuum cups. Bug-O rail is lightweight...


Bug-O's Machine cutting torches are designed to handle all types of machine cutting applications. The torches can provide up to 15'' (381 mm)



The Bug-O DC-IV is a dual speed range, positive rack & pinion drive, ready for mounting welding or cutting attachments and accessories. It consists of a


Go-fer IV

The GO-FER® IV is a portable, versatile and robust tractor designed for all your cutting and welding needs. It’s like


All Position Overlay System

The All Position Overlay System is designed for pulp digesters, boiler tube walls or any vessel or surface that requires over-lay repair. The system will


Piper-Plus Pipe Welding System

The PIPER-PLUS is a self contained, digitally controlled, mechanized pipe welding system, producing high deposition rates with excellent weld quality to


Programmable Circle Burners/Welders

Bug-O Programmable Automatic Circle Burners cut straight or beveled holes on domed heads, vessels and large diameter pipe. Our Programmable Automatic Circle



The Trac-Bug is a compact friction drive cutting machine that will ride on any standard 6" (152 mm) V-grooved track. A solid-state variable speed


Saddle & Elbow Cutters

Bug-O Saddle and Elbow Cutters automate the cutting of saddle cuts, offset cuts, laterals, miters, holes and shapes quickly, easily, and economically.


CIR-O machines are lightweight, heavy-duty, multiple use circular drives. Each of the three sizes of machines has a positive rack and



Bug-O Systems offers both manual and self-propelled portable bevelers. Our bevelers allow you to produce clean machined bevels on plate or pipe.

Bug-O Gantry / Side Beam Automatic Welding Systems

Bug-O Gantry and Side Beam Units are custom designed assemblies that are used in a variety of applications such as automated seam welding, beam and


Stiffener Welders

Bug-O Stiffener Welders are self-contained, dual head welding travel carriages with integrated wire feeders and spool mounts.

Fixturing Equipment

Bug-O’s Fixturing Equipment includes standalone weavers and torch supports.


The Bug-O K-Bug series includes compact portable fillet welders for straight line or stitch welding as well as weavers for all position welding.

Circle Welders/Burners with Rise & Fall Cam

Bug-O Automatic Circle Burners cut square or beveled holes in lightweight pipe or vessels. Our Automatic Circle Welders are designed for single or multipass


Automatic Height Control

Bug-O Systems’ Automatic Height Control is a compact, easy to use accessory designed to maintain a constant welding torch-to-work distance. This