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Custom Videos Support Sales and Provide Excellent Customer Service

Jan. 16, 2017

Recently, Bug-O Systems has been utilizing modern technology to add another tool to our sales force: project-specific demonstration videos. Often times, our customers are unable to come to our factory for demos because of travel logistics or cost reasons; or sometimes a project requires multiple revisions and tests over the course of weeks or more. Our videos solve this problem by delivering the demo right to their email inbox.



After working out the application details and specifics of the project, customers send us parts, procedures, materials, etc. We perform the welding tests and shoot high quality video of any or all parts of the process, from preparation to the actual welding, an overview of the procedure, and finally the finished weld bead. We use professional video equipment and lens filters that give you a clear, close-up look at the puddle as if you were actually standing there looking through the hood. Our in-house video producer then edits the video together and provides a full HD video via a private YouTube link directly to the customer, many times within hours of the weld being completed. We also send back weld samples so they can see the final product in person while watching the video.



We believe this is a great tool that takes advantage of video technology, and we have made many sales because of these personalized videos. They can be custom shot to include specific details that the customer requests and they will always have the video on file for their future reference so they don’t have to rely on memory or notes. Accommodating the needs of our customers both during the sales process and once the machines are in operation is of utmost importance as we attempt to solve their welding and cutting application issues. Using videography is one of the many ways in which Bug-O Systems prides itself in serving our customers.