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Customized Solutions and Support Provided by Our Technical Sales Group

Jan. 09, 2017

The Technical Sales and Special Systems Group at Bug-O Systems are here to support your needs in the application of all Bug-O products. Providing support to our customers and sales staff regarding the methods and techniques used in the application of our products is our primary task.   
Our support can be as basic as helping to determine the length of rail needed for a particular job or defining the correct racking group to hold a unique welding gun. It can also be as complex as helping to determine the correct type of gun or torch for a weld joint or determining the required bend radius for our rigid rail around a tank or cylinder. We do not recommend specific welding processes or parameters, but rather, gather the intentions of the users, including the welding process that is planned to be used, and use this information to provide product suggestions to make the application more efficient. 

In addition to support for standard products, the Technical Sales group can also provide our customers with customized solutions.  In some cases our staff has seen a project very similar and can make recommendations for modifications to the standard offering to better fit the unique needs.  Minor modifications to standard products may allow them to make the operation easier or more efficient.  Other applications may result in the development of a product that is, for the most part, completely new.  With the full variety of products available from Bug-O Systems, there is a very wide range of opportunities for customized solutions.  

If you are presented with an application for which you just can’t find the exact product in the catalog that will provide a solution, please contact the Technical Sales Group.

Jeff Nelson – Manager, Technical Sales and Special Systems